Dirk Lescouhier - Corporate identity


A passion for wood

Dirk Lescouhier has been specialising in both indoor and outdoor carpentry for more than 30 years and wants the experience and professionalism of his company to be reflected in the new corporate identity.⁠

In these modern times it became time for a modern logo. The logo had to be full of character, which suits the craft, and at the same time luxurious, like the product, wood. 'Less is more' was the core idea for this design, resulting in a sober but powerful logo.⁠ In addition, designs were made for business cards, basic social media elements, e-mail signatures and much more.

Dirklescouhier logopos
Dirklescouhier stempel LR

A personal mark

Dirk Lescouhier literally and figuratively leaves his personal mark on the custom-made products he delivers.⁠ At his request, I had a branding iron made so he could leave his signature on all his creations, in the same way artists do.⁠

I find it especially cool to reproduce my designs in creative ways. The stamp itself was already very impressive and I am really curious about the result when it is effectively burned into a beautiful wooden surface!⁠

Dirk lescouhier business cards
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