Belgian Chocolate Creations - Corporate identity

Chocolate manufacturer


Belgian Chocolate Creations is a private label chocolate manufacturer offering a wide range of filled chocolate with innovative flavours, produced with the finest Belgian chocolate. They chose a name that makes it immediately clear what they do, but made it a little more difficult to create a logo for. The choice was made to emphasise "chocolate" in the logo and to add the abbreviation BCC as the logotype.

BCC logo goudfolie
BCC chocolade 2
BCC logo stempel beeldmerk
BCC beursstand 2 LR

Luc Rotsaert BV

Belgian Chocolate Creations is a spin-off of Luc Rotsaert BV, which has more than 35 years of experience in the chocolate and confectionery market. To launch the subsidiary, they participated in one of the biggest chocolate and confectionery fairs in Cologne. This required the creation of a modular exhibition stand consisting of all cubes.

BCC aanwervingsbord
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