B'aristokat - Corporate identity

Cat cafe

Coffee house and cat cafe B'aristokat in Kortrijk contacted me for the design of their logo and a lot of accompanying correspondence. The name B'aristokat is a fusion of 'barista', someone who prepares and serves espresso-based drinks, and 'aristokat' ('Aristocat' in Dutch), the widely known Walt Disney cartoon.⁠

Baristokat business cards
Baristokat smoothie

Not only is the name a conflation, so is the building itself. In the front is the coffee house with the possibility of take-away. At the back is the cat cafe where visitors can enjoy a drink in the company of the house cats.⁠⁠

Baristokat flyer LR
Baristokat coffee cup
Baristokat window LR
Baristokat menu card LR
Baristokat logo
Baristokat raambestickering