Aäron & Mégane

Wedding invitation

Wildflowers as a common thread

Aäron and Mégane asked me to design an invitation for their wedding with the theme of "wildflowers". The couple has a beautiful wildflower bed in their garden, and flowers are known for their ability to bring color and happiness to life. So a perfect theme for a wedding. It was great to see how this theme came to life on their special day.


The invitation was given a minimalist design with subtle references to wildflowers, which would also be present during the wedding. I incorporated two bouquets into the wedding logo, which otherwise consisted of the bride and groom's initials. On the back, each part of the day was symbolized by a different flower, continuing the theme throughout the invitation.

Aaron en Megane kaartje trouwkleed
Huwelijksuitnodiging voorkant